Andrés Brugarolas

About Me

Andrés Brugarolas Martínez

Madrid, Spain

Hi, I'm Andrés. I'm a 27-year-old senior web developer bringing 5 yearsin both front-end and full-stack positions.

My goal is to make complicated things simple. I'm focused on writing clean, efficient, elegant code and crafting beautiful, responsive, user-friendly interfaces.

I have experience in full project cycle from design to implementation. I work well under pressure and consistently meet deadlines and targets while still delivering high quality work.

I love technology, programming and UX/UI design. I'm always trying to stay up to date on languages, frameworks and libraries. I'm also a good team player who likes agilemethodologies and is always thinking how to improve the product or service.

Main technical skills
JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 React Vue Ember Svelte Nuxt Sass Less TypeScript Storybook
Node Rust Java Spring Oracle SQL MongoDB Hibernate Stripe Mailchimp
Webpack NPM Grunt Gulp Jira Maven Git Slack Bamboo Jenkins
Personal Projects

Work in Progress!

Bruga Music

Bruga Music

Streaming music app made with LastFM API and YouTube Player

VueVuexVue RouterWebpackLess

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Bruga Weather

Bruga Weather

Streaming music app made with OpenWeather API


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